Global Lifestyle Lanka
Global Lifestyle Lanka is a marketing company offering high quality, ecological products for our customers. We operate with a strong and dedicated focus on providing green and environmental product solutions to reduce the carbon imprint and impact on the environment, as well as providing natural and herbal wellness products.

Global Lifestyle Lanka is headquartered in Colombo and established in early 2009. The Company was created with a dream to touch and change the lives of the people of Sri Lanka through its products and a diligent adherence to corporate social responsibility.

The Company was founded to serve local entrepreneurs who have the manufacturing expertise but lack the skills in marketing their products successfully. Traditionally, many of these grassroots entrepreneurs never make it to the mainstream. Providing these people a platform and encouraging more local entrepreneurs are the main purposes behind setting up Global Lifestyle Lanka. We help the local grassroots brand find a market place in the mainstream arena and create value for both the manufacturer and the end consumer.

We position ourselves as a company dedicated to the lifestyle segment. In today’s rapidly changing world, with the advent of Internet and satellite TV shrinking the world into a global village, people are very aware of global trends and aspire to change and improve their lifestyle.


In Sri Lanka, there is an emerging society that is conscious of its lifestyle choices. As a company, we bring in global expertise on lifestyle trends and apply it to home-grown products and market them to our local customers.


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